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So Fresh FAQs

Fresh, healthy and delicious, So Fresh’s pure water is sourced and bottled from our very own underground spring in the Wide Bay. 

Water delivery

If you decide to become a So Fresh customer, we will set you up with the initial water delivery, then decide on a delivery day that best suits you! The rest is up to us, 100% hassle free water!

Grab 'N' Go

We offer our great fresh pure water to go! That’s right, look for the Grab & Go Rack at any of our retailers and you can take home the same So Fresh water you know and love.

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We have a vast array of water coolers and accessories that will be sure to suit your needs.

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fresh, healthy & delicious!

Fresh, healthy and delicious, So Fresh’s pure water is sourced and bottled from our very own underground spring in the Wide Bay.

We deliver our fresh bottled pure springwater and water coolers in Bundaberg and throughout the Wide Bay.

We are the only local Supplier of Purified water in Bundaberg!

We are the only local supplier of purified water and water coolers in Bundaberg. Your pure water is bottled right here in the Wide Bay, by us, usually the day before you receive it. Enjoy the clean, crisp taste of our pure water!

Pure Water Delivery Bundaberg!

Getting low on water? No drama! Just give us a call and we will come around as soon as we can!

Pure Water FAQs!

We’ve built long-term relationships with Wide Bay locals.

As a locally owned and family operated business, we help out with community events in Bundaberg as much as we can. 

Our Water is pure H20

Absolutely. Our water is pure H20 with absolutely no pollutants, chemicals or residues. We obtain springwater from our underground spring and purify it using pre-filtration, desalination/reverse osmosis and UV light. Our custom-designed filtration unit removes 99.98% of bacteria and viruses that can live in water and filters out heavy metals that are not good for your body.

Springwater Vs Pure Water

Put simply, springwater is good natural water sourced from an underground or free-flowing spring. While springwater may be subjected to some filtration, it is typically not purified with reverse osmosis.

Is Delivery Always Free?

Our water delivery is free throughout most of the Bundaberg Region. Whether we’re delivering to a rural farm, a commercial shop, worksite or your home, we recognise that every customer has different needs and that’s why we’ll work with you to fulfill your custom order.

How Fresh Is your Water?

Our water is always super fresh. All our bottles are delivered on the day or within days of being botted in our very own factory.

What's Your Quality Control Process?

We are committed to achieving absolute purity with our water. That’s why we use state-of-the-art technology and our exclusive 6 stage ‘Health Rite’ purification process to ensure the highest possible level of purity. With digital readout meters to monitor the water quality as well as having it regularly tested by an independent laboratory.

Is Delivery Always Free?

Our 15 litre So Fresh Premium Purified water bottles are packaged using the latest in water bottling technology, the empty bottles are cleaned with detergent, rinsed with purified water and blasted with UV sterilised water before bottling for your safety.

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